Movies I’m Subbing in for Xanax, because FUCK. EVERYTHING.


So. That happened. We are sending love to all of our listeners today, especially those of you who, like us, are terrified and angry.

We recorded our latest episode before the election, and we’ll release it on schedule tomorrow. If you want to spend an hour listening to us praise the Disney joy in Enchanted, listen to it. If the thought of listening to that makes you sick right now (and to be honest it kind of makes ME sick, considering Walt Disney’s political beliefs) I completely understand.

But after that, I’m not sure where we’ll be. We were already thinking of taking some time off in November, and now I’m not 100% sure when Brendan and I will feel like spending time dissecting rom-coms again. It might be next week, or it might not be for a while. We’ll update everyone here and on our social media pages when the time comes.

Meanwhile, I have no idea what to do with myself, short of donating money to causes I believe in. If you are able to, you should do the same — a list of organizations that can use your help are at the bottom of this post. But donating only takes a few minutes, and getting sucked further into social media and reading news has been awful today.

If you find, like I do, that you need to watch something dumb and frilly and completely inconsequential right now, I put together a list of some time tested rom-coms you can watch on Netflix right now. This is the exact mood I talk about when I say that sometimes you just need to watch some garbage on TBS, so dive in below.

But if you also find, like I do, that you do need to watch some things that help process your emotions and grief, I put together some recommendations of more insightful rom-coms I’m thinking about today. These are the types of movies I hope against hope we will see more of in the next 4 years to combat the chilling lack of empathy we’ve seen from our country today. Please watch them if you feel up for it.


10 Things I Hate About You

The Princess Bride


How to Steal a Million


Kate & Leopold is on Netflix too and it fully fits in this list if you want to watch it, but honestly I’m not sure I can dig a movie that romanticizes going back to a “simpler” time where we treated women differently. Not today.


You can watch all of these on Amazon right now:

Obvious Child

This is one of my favorite movies. It is, among other things, a romantic comedy about a woman (stellar Jenny Slate) who has an abortion. It is beautiful and moving. Show it to someone who thinks women who have abortions are murderers who need to be punished.

Amira & Sam

Martin Starr plays a veteran who falls in love with a Muslim woman from Iraq who’s on the run from immigration officials. It’s incredibly tender and sweet. Show it to someone you know who thinks Muslims and immigrants are somehow destroying this country.

Appropriate Behavior 

Shirin, the daughter of Iranian immigrants, tries to get over being dumped by her girlfriend while also struggling to come out as bi to her family. It’s funnier than that synopsis might imply, with a beautifully complex and nuanced character at the center. Show it to someone who thinks gay conversion therapy could ever, in any universe, be considered appropriate fucking behavior.

The Proposal

This rom-com takes place in a fantasy world where a woman living in America tries to avoid moving to Canada. Wacky stuff.


The ACLU has promised to fight back on any unlawful policies our next president (and any president) will try to enact. They will need all the support they can get to fight back.

Planned Parenthood is facing a very uncertain future, and they provide vital health care for women that ranges far beyond abortions.

RAINN fights sexual assault and provides services for abuse survivors, who need to know that we support them, especially today.

The Trevor Project provides assistance and suicide prevention for LGBT youth, who are facing a future where all of the progress of the last few years could be reversed.

The National Immigration Law Center, dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of low-income immigrants.

The Southern Poverty Law Center fights for the rights of the most vulnerable people in our society and works to fight hate groups.

The NAACP has been working to end race-based discrimination for over 100 years.

The Anti-Defamation League fights anti-Semitism, combats hate crimes and advocates for civil-rights advancements and religious freedom.

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